About Us

Sterling Products Limited was incorporated as a Public Limited Liability Company on October 15, 1954, with an authorized share capital of 200,000 ordinary shares with a par value of $10. It commenced operations with the production of Margarine, Lard, Ghee and Soap. Export of our products commenced with Golden Cream Margarine being exported to Dominica in November 1957.

The production of detergent began in 1967 and Butter (Golden Dairy Butter) in 1969.

Sterling Products Limited headwuarters, at Providence, East Bank Demerara

The Company embarked on revitalizing its operations in 173 by modification of the soap plant and commissioning of a new plant to improve production of edible fats. It also commissioned a new plant and a cold room for Ice Cream production and a three-year contract was made with Banks DIH for the distribution of Bimbo Ice Cream. The Company continued to improve its operation in 1974 by acquiring a Versator to improve the quality and quantity of detergent produced. It also acquired machinery for packaging margarine in tubs in this year.

In 1979, a generator was installed. Re-design of the Edible fats section was effected also in this year.

In 1980 a playground, pavilion and scoreboard were provided for workers’ relaxation. In 1983 the sinking of a well was effected in ensuring adequate quantity and quality of water. In 1985 a distribution of CREMO Ice cream was enhanced with the opening of the first Igloo Ice cream Outlet in Camp Street. In 1986 production of the cone biscuits commenced.

Our Igloo Ice Cream parlour is a hit. Enjoy all our new ice cream flavours and give the kids a chance to have some fun in our new play park.

In 1993 the company began distributing Ice Cream Novelties for Flavourite Foods Ltd. A Trinidad Company. In 1995 rehabilitation and installation of a new freezing machine and additional cold room for ice cream were effected. Also, a new generator and boiler were commissioned. Further developments took place in 1997. The Company’s sales fleet increased, additional refrigeration systems installed and computerization of the Company’s Accounts initiated.

In 1998 the Beharry Group of companies acquired a majority shareholding in the Company. The Company’s share capital increased to 20,000,000 ordinary shared in the year 200 for the facilitating for the company’s planned rebuilding programme.

Between 2001 and 2002 a new building was erected to house the New Edible fats and Ice Cream sections. The New edible fats plant was commissioned early 2003. The Ice cream plant will be resited during the second quarter of 2004. New export markets were serviced during 2003 for soap and Edible fats