Sterling Products, CCWU sign new labour agreement

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Sterling Products Limited (SPL) signed a Collective Labour Agreement that will see key employees benefiting from salary increases over the next two years.

Chief Labour Officer Yoganand Persaud witnessed the signing of the agreement between SPL, the Clerical and Commercial Workers (CCWU) and employees on Friday, the company said in a statement. Persaud commended the company’s management for the good relationship it enjoys with its staff. “It is good to know that management and staff can come to such an agreement which will benefit both parties, and one that was mutually agreed on,” he was quoted as saying.

Company CEO Ramsay Ali said fulltime permanent employees have received a salary increase of 8% effective January 1, 2010. Additionally, salaries from December 31, 2010 will increase by 9.5%. “Employees who demonstrate efficiency and have been successful in their appraisal will benefit from this agreement,” SPL said, adding that the decision was taken as an incentive for those workers who perform more than others and a motivator to employees to work more effectively and efficiently. This was also done by mutual agreement between management and staff.

Meanwhile, CCWU General Secretary Ann Anderson said the agreement shows SPL’s commitment to the welfare and upkeep of its workers. Anderson said the agreement where “management was not afraid to discuss with the employees and the Union all the factors that usually affect a company’s ability to offer such salary increases.”

Employees at the signing said they were grateful to the SPL management for taking this step. Plant Operator Seecharran Sukhu said he was pleased that employees could meet with management freely to discuss such matters and come to mutual agreement. He viewed the move as a positive one that will serve as an incentive to workers.

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